5 Quick Relaxation Techniques to Boost Your Productivity

5 Quick Relaxation Techniques to Boost Your Productivity

Gone are the days when people held the age-old myth that being relaxed and calm is counterproductive. I understand why the belief was entertained. It is easy to equate the state of being calm and tranquil to laziness or lethargy. But studies suggest otherwise. 

In a report by CNBC, a Stanford psychologist and science director of Stanford’s Center For Compassion and Altruism Research, Emma Seppälä makes it clear that being calm allows you to get more work done. That too, be expending less energy. 

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This is why it is key to learn how to be calm and relaxed all the time. 

Here Are the 5 Quick Relaxation Techniques to Boost Your Productivity

1) Go for a Quick Walk

Whether you work in a traditional office or from home, it is always feasible to go for a quick walk. For those who work in an office or a factory setting, lunchtime is the best opportunity to go for a walk. 15-20 minutes should be more than enough. A walk will allow you to get out of your head and focus your attention elsewhere.

2) Take a Short Nap 

You are not alone if you feel sleepy in the middle of an afternoon. The internal biological clock (also known as Circadian rhythm) makes you feel in a certain way at specific parts of the day. This is why you feel energetic in the morning and lazy in the afternoon. Take a short nap in your car or in the recreational room.

3) Unplug From the World

If going for a walk is not your thing and you rather would spend the short lunch period within the parameters of your workplace, then it would help if you could find a calm and serene place and sit down for a few minutes. Mindfulness meditation can help you relax but you could also sit and observe the surroundings if you will. Basically, unplug from the world for a few minutes.

4) Let Go of the Technological Devices

Several organizations in the world do not allow their employees to use a smartphone within the company premises. While a smartphone can be a great tool for relaxation for those who know how to use it, for most it is a nuisance. Instead of listening to music or watching a stress-busting video, most people are addicted to games or social media apps. Hence, keep the phone away.

5) Listen to Your Favorite Music

Listening to music is another great way to relax. Whether you use a smartphone to play music or your work computer, you are better off listening to music than indulging in unhealthy habits like gossiping or overeating. RelaxDaily is my favorite non-commercial music to relax during work. Turn off the ads using ad blocker software and enjoy the calming music during or in between work sessions. 


Once you begin practicing the above-mentioned relaxation techniques, you will be able to handle difficult situations at work with ease. The calmness you derive from these techniques will also help you manage unpleasant social situations at work. Hence, you will become far more productive than other people.