5 Important Business Skills for Entrepreneurs + MORE

5 Important Business Skills for Entrepreneurs + MORE

What You Need to Know About Branding

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I obviously cannot unpack the minutia of brand building in a short article, but I can provide three building blocks that will serve as a foundation for your business’ strategy.

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Pioneer of LED Lighting, Pervaiz Lodhie of LEDtronics, Shares His Secrets to Success
Starting a business out of your garage? Check out these insights!
You’ve heard about entrepreneurs who start their businesses in their garage and become true successes. What is their secret? Well, recently I found out about Pervaiz Lodhie. He started LEDtronics, Inc., www.ledtronics.com, in his garage with his wife, Almas, in 1983…

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How you can harness your best business ideas and bring them to life.

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Personal finance expert and author Linsey Knerl tells AllBusiness.com about the best ways for home-based businesses to save money while building a fully functional home office.

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When you go to start a new business, simply being able to provide a customer with a product may not be enough to keep your company in the black. There are five particular skills that any entrepreneur should hone if they want to compete in a crowded market. Some of these skills may seem simplistic, but will be extremely valuable as a company grows in size and scope…

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10 Top States for Entrepreneurship and InnovationRecently I told you about the 10 worst states for new business in America. Now here’s where entrepreneurship is thriving.Recently, I told you about the 10 worst states in America for new businesses–at least, according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Today, it’s time for the best of the bunch.First, the background…

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The One Word That Shouldn’t Exist in an Entrepreneur’s Vocabulary

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Michael Watkins, author of The First 90 Days, explains how to secure early wins during a transition.

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From Jay Gatsby to J.C. Wiatt, we look at several of the most popular entrepreneurs from books, movies and TV shows.

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