5 Great Side Jobs for College Students

College JobsAs a college student, money can be extremely tight. All those nights of eating tasteless noodles can start to wear on you. Not to mention all those college loans – they can really start to add up. Don’t you wish you didn’t have to pay for college and your college could pay you for all those endless hours of studying? Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way, but luckily, with a little resourcefulness and tenacity, college students can find little jobs here and there to give them a little pocket change and financial security to help them get through those tough four years. Here are five great side jobs for college students.

  1. College students living in the information age have a huge advantage. The Internet offers a plethora of part time jobs that are convenient and can help pay your bills. These jobs include website programming, graphic design, copy editing, and blogging. With a little training, all of these jobs are relatively easy and can pay well. The best part about these jobs is that you don’t even have to leave your apartment or dorm, thus cutting down on hours of commuting time.
  2. Another great side job for students is dog walking. Dog walking is great because it offers you a chance to make a little money and get exercise. In some cities, the going rate for dog walkers is almost $40 an hour. A couple hours a day and you can seriously start paying off some of those loans. Advertise online or put flyers up around your neighborhood. You can even find out how much other dog walkers are charging and take down your hourly rate to give yourself a competitive advantage.
  3. Waiting tables can also be a lucrative side job, because you can make a lot of money in tips in a very short amount of time. The best part about this job is that you only have to work a few nights a week, leaving more time to study, write papers and go to class.
  4. You could also teach or tutor. Teaching or tutoring can be a great way to make a living on the side. Chances are you have a lot of specialized knowledge to impart. Many public high schools and elementary schools have lists of available tutors that can help students on their homework. So try to get on those lists or check local listings online to see if anyone in your area needs a tutor or teacher.
  5. Last, but not least, a great, fun side job is finding a paid internship. Most of the time you can find an internship that fits with your specific major, so you can get paid and receive credit, thus killing two birds with one stone. Many schools, like Ohio University have research laboratories that always need an extra hand. If you are going to fashion school, why not find a local fashion designer that needs an apprentice. Paid internships are great, because not only can you afford to buy dinner, but they might open doors too.