5 Expenses That You Should Invest In to Increase Relaxation at Home + MORE

5 Expenses That You Should Invest In to Increase Relaxation at Home + MORE

Before Jennifer Smith’s (not her real name) store went out of business, she had perfect credit: no missed payments and no problems with massive debt. But after the business went under, she found herself with nearly $65,000 in debt on personal credit cards she’d used to keep her business afloat…

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Engagement Photos

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Engagement PhotosWe had our engagement photos done last month. We went to Laura Ann Miller Photography and she was awesome. We went to the same college and I’ve been stalking her photography on Facebook for years.
W and I have been together for over 7 years, and these are seriously some of the only photos that we have…

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Going Minimalist

– Financialblacksheep.com

I never thought I could go minimalist.  I mean I had memories attached to everything.  I had memories attached to stuffed animals, furniture, paintings, dishes, even Christmas ornaments.  Then I decided to move.  Funny things happen when you decide to … Continue reading →The post Going Minimalist appeared first on Financial Black Sheep…

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Guest Post: A Spiritual Approach to MoneyThis blog post is for those people that are unhappy with their current financial situation and are curious to see how they might be contributing to the problem. I explore the spiritual approach to attaining money and how you can use Universal laws to help you get where you need to be.
As a spiritual person I’ve often resented money…

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Why Unpaid Internships Are Worth It

– moneylifeandmore.com

Why Unpaid Internships Are Worth ItToday we welcome back our Tuesday contributor, Catherine Alford!
I have definitely lost count of how many times I’ve worked for free in the form of an internship, but I can honestly say that each time was a very valuable experience for me.
I started interning at museums in college. I majored in history, and at the time, I wanted to work in a museum either as a curator, historian, or educator…

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Stop Complaining:How to Stop Being a Workplace NuisanceStop Complaining:How to Stop Being a Workplace Nuisance
Club Thrifty – Stop spending. Start living.This post comes to you by staff writer, Mitchell Pauly, who strives to make personal finance offensive over at Snark Finance.  Enjoy!
Overly critical people are quite possibly the most irritating people to be around…

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When Do You Reject Unpaid Internships and Stop Working For Free?A box of Krispy Kreme donuts and a yard sale taught me the basic exchange of money for labor. After conquering our block, my sister and I branched into an under-the-table venture to take care of neighborhood pets during the summer. We netted around $400 apiece, which to an 11-year-old and an 8-year-old translated to innumerable ice creams at Family Mart…

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We all work hard. Who doesn’t want their home to be a relaxing retreat away from stress and pressure? We’ve gathered together some great ideas that, with a little time and expense, can turn your home into the serenest house on the block. Reduce Clutter Shelves and cupboards packed full of stuff only add to …

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A World Where Credit Card Companies Help Consumers In DebtHello everyone, I’m Joshua Rodriguez and thanks for swinging by to read my debut post here at Debt Roundup. Today, I’m going to talk about credit card companies and their recent willingness to help consumers who are struggling with overwhelming credit card debt. This help comes by way of financial hardship programs and after reading this article, you will know what they are, why lenders are willing to give a helping hand these days and, if your situation justifies a credit card hardship program…

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Saving Money at Amusement Parks

– frugalrules.com

The following is a post from my lovely wife, Mrs. Frugal Rules. She’s sharing today about her love of all things amusement parks. Enjoy!
After you read today’s post, please head on over to the Tour de Personal Finance  at My Personal Finance Journey and vote for “Time” in Sprint #1…

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3 Ways to Cut the Costs of World Travel

– theamateurfinancier.com/blog/

3 Ways to Cut the Costs of World TravelLast week, you might recall that I covered the issue of how much it would cost you to travel the world for a year.  Not to spoil the ending for those (very) few of you who haven’t had the opportunity to read through it already, but apparently that amount of travel is not as expensive as you’d expect; it turns out that it is possible to travel the world for less than $20,000, at least according to the seven articles used to prepare the post…

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