5 DIY Home Improvements That Will Save You Money

Do it Yourself - Orange ButtonThere are few experiences quite as fulfilling as owning a home. It goes far beyond interior decorating in an apartment, giving you an entire property with which to raise a family and express your personal taste. Home ownership isn’t easy, however. Beyond the obvious costs of a mortgage and property taxes, you’ll always have a to-do list of repairs looking to be addressed. Houses take an awful lot of bumps and bruises during a long winter, and even the hardiest property often has ‘character’ issues inherited from the previous owner. There’s simply no way to deal with all of it as once, but the more projects you can handle yourself, without costly contractors and architects, the more cash you’ll have left over to work your way through that list. Here are five DIY home improvements that will save you money.

One of the simplest ways to change the look and feel of your home is also super easy to do yourself, and that’s giving the place a new coat of paint. Whether you choose a neutral base, add on some striking accent walls or even create a multi-layered depth effect, a new paint job can bring a drab room back from the dead, and reinvigorate your passion for decorating. Sure, you can always hire professional painters, and perhaps they’ll deliver perfect edges and a speedy completion timeframe. But all major hardware stores now employ color and painting specialists, and with a quick online search for how-to videos you’ll be able to bring a professional’s eye to the task at a far lower price tag.

If you’ve got a bit of skill with basic carpentry, consider handling floor replacement yourself as well. Perhaps the tile in the bathrooms needs a makeover, or you’re just tired of the 80’s style carpeting in the bedrooms. Regardless, replacing old floors with new hardwood or installing tile are fairly easy DIY tasks. You will need some insight on this one, so definitely hunt down a step-by-step guide and try your luck on a smaller area before moving on to the main rooms. But most of the work is simply choosing the right materials and having them cut to the proper lengths. After that it’s a bit of patience and an eye for detail, then you’re set to go.

Perhaps you don’t know a hammer from a hacksaw. But if you’ve got a green thumb, you can tackle one of the most impactful DIY home improvements, a landscaping redesign. Curb appeal is a huge money maker in the real estate market, but even if you have no plans to sell a refresher will provide you huge enjoyment. If you live in a temperate climate your yard is another room you can use all year round, but even in colder climates a nice landscaping job will offer a beautiful view that will warm your heart during the chill of winter. The raw materials are fairly inexpensive, and your investment will primarily be hard labor. But you’ll be glad you took this job on during that first nice day out on the patio.

As far as construction projects for the weekend handyman go, the pinnacle is probably replacing windows. It’s not easy, and you’ll need another pair of sturdy hands to help you along. But trading out your old windows for modern ones will save you money on your utility bills and add a fresh beauty to the interior and exterior of your home. Just remember to spend the little bit extra for double-pane windows. That’s how you’ll realize the most energy savings.

Finally, consider upgrading the bathroom fixtures. Any time you’re dealing with electrical or plumbing systems you’ve got to be careful, as a misstep could end up costing you more than you would have saved. That’s why you should always call up¬†Roofing Companies in Cincinnati¬†before you grab a ladder and head up there with nothing but your DIY attitude. But replacing or refinishing a bathtub, shower, sink or toilet is fairly straightforward. And the visual change is quite significant.