5 Cryptocurrency Meetups You Should Attend in San Francisco

5 Cryptocurrency Meetups You Should Attend in San Francisco

Are you searching for cryptocurrency-related meetups or events in San Francisco?

A meetup can open up new channels of information you never knew existed. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple have become hugely popular among those who wish to invest their hard-earned money in a solid, stable, and reliable asset. Join these meetups and learn more about Bitcoin from experts in San Francisco.

Here Are the 5 Cryptocurrency Meetups You Should Attend in San Francisco

1) SF/Bay Area Cryptocurrency Investing

Crypto investors and traders in San Fransisco can use this free of cost group as a medium to meet others with the same drive and passion as you. The organizer has been involved in this trade for the last four years and wishes to cut your learning curve by giving you the hard facts you need to succeed.

Tech people who work in Blockchain can also attend and benefit from the meetups. Furthermore, crypto-related topics like regulation and industry development are also discussed during the meetups.

2) San Francisco Blockchain Collective

Blockchain is a technology that makes cryptocurrencies function. It is also the driving force behind the scaling of Bitcoin. This software records the transactions and also presents the user with key material like data charts, stats, and market information. 

Tech and non-tech people who wish to learn or discuss topics like blockchain, public-key cryptography, cryptocurrency, smart contracts, etc are welcome to this meetup.

3) Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency Mining Group (SF Bay Area)

Do you reside in or near the East Bay? If yes, then this Cryptocurrency Mining Group can be helpful for you. This group is located in Oakland, CA. The organizer is keen on discussing Bitcoin hardware and other crypto-related topics. 

Furthermore, you can also expect to be invited to dinner meetings, seminars, and webinars. It is not easy to keep pace with the fastly growing field of cryptocurrency. Protocols, methods, and functionality of software changes every six months. 

4) Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Revolution

Learning can also be done by listening to expert speakers in a seminar hall or an auditorium. The organizer of this meetup conducts regular lectures for those seeking more information on this topic. Most of the meetups are either free of cost or extremely low-cost. You have nothing to lose.

5) San Francisco Cryptocurrency Meetup

San Francisco Cryptocurrency Meetup is another group for blockchain technology enthusiasts. Although, you’re welcome to the meetups if you work on any other crypto-platform and wish to share your knowledge with the group members. Here you will get to understand and dissect upcoming Blockchain technology. Vendors and service providers can also benefit from this meetup.


Contrary to the popular belief, Bitcoin is not dead in 2020. In fact, it is even more useful and will continue to be. As a result, it is safe to invest your hard-earned money by purchasing Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. You will be surprised to know that more and more mainstream companies are now adopting Bitcoin–as a regular way to pay or receive money.