4 Ways Money Issues Can Impact a Relationship – And NOT in a Good Way!

There was a time when only the rich and the famous entered into prenuptial agreements but in recent years, more and more couples have begun engaging in this practice. Whether you have anything of value, entering into the relationship isn’t quite as important as what you can take away if that relationship should turn sour. Prenuptials aside, money issues can put a strain on even the best of relationships.

Money relationship

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1. Keeping Secrets

Sometimes a person can keep financial secrets because they worry that the other person doesn’t love them enough to handle the fact that they’re in serious debt or that the other person will think less of them for it. Keeping financial secrets can come back to haunt a relationship at any time, so it’s really best to get everything out in the open as soon as possible. If you are that afraid, maybe there’s something deeper going on you should be aware of before walking down the aisle. Those secrets are even more damaging once the knot is tied!

2. Overspending

Another money issue that haunts many relationships is that one partner overspends the family budget. Sometimes women are known to go just a ‘little’ overboard on the latest fashions whereas men are more concerned with a stylish car or a new ‘tool’ or gadget they just have to have. When overspending puts a strain on the family budget, it can be a huge source of frustration and anger.

3. Disagreements on Spending

Then there are those times that neither person can agree on what to do with that money they have in hand. The wife wants one thing; the husband wants something entirely different. Arguments can quickly get out of control, especially when there is only so much money to be ‘played with’ in your budget.

4. Not Budgeting for Leisure Time

Finally, for those couples who do take the time to set a budget, one of the areas they often neglect is the category of leisure expenses. It is said that few relationships last when the romance dies, and leisure spending is the foundation of keeping a romance healthy. Whether is that new Victoria’s Secrets negligee for the lady or a night on the town for the couple complete with a candlelit dinner, date night is a vital way to keep the romance alive and as fresh as the day you said your vows.

Money issues can create more than a little friction in any relationship but there are ways to mitigate any serious consequences. Find a way to share your concerns with your partner and work together so that both of you get enough of what you want to keep you happy. You know what they say, “All work and no play…” so make sure to keep a bit back to do the things you like alone and as a couple. Finally, a relationship built on trust has a strong foundation so keep no secrets and tell no lies.