4 Quick Ways to Become Rich

4 Quick Ways to Become Rich

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There are several ways to make money but there is the hard and easy way to it. Most people find it difficult to manage their funds as they seek security over becoming rich. Wealthy people will tell you that there is no easy way out, but there are times it does happen. Here are some tips to add some zeros to the end of your bank balance fast:

  1. Win the lottery

Your chances of winning the lottery could be literally one in a million (or worse) but there’s always a winner. In fact, there are some people who’ve hit the jackpot more than once! Sometimes a 50-dollar ticket could be your way to a 10 million dollar pay day. While you have a better chance of being struck by lightning, investing in a lottery ticket every now and then doesn’t hurt.

  1. Betting

There are many gamblers like the famous Texas software guru, Glen Fullerton, who was lucky enough to score $900,000 by betting on horses! There are several other forms of gambling; you can hit your local casino or play online. Online options can be a lot more efficient and therefore lucrative. When you play online slots for instance, you can play more rounds in a period of time in comparison to the pace of a brick and mortar casino. You can also bet on your favorite sports and volatile future events such as who will be the next president of the US for instance (I wouldn’t put my money on Trump).

  1. Hit a hole-in-one

Most people play golf for leisure but if you tend to have a knack for the sport, this might be for you. Golf tournaments sometimes offer insane prize money for hitting the rare hole-in-one. In 2013, Jeff Burton won a whopping 1 million dollars after hitting a hole-in-one at a golf tournament.

  1. Leverage other people’s money

Personal investments in stocks, bonds and other investment vehicles are typically not considered a quick way to get rich; but by leveraging your personal success and initiating a hedge fund or private equity fund, you can multiple your funds at a much faster pace by leveraging other people’s investments.

Figure out what works for you and take your pick. Remember that there is a strong element of chance in all these methods so you’d rather stick to calculated risks and proven investments like stocks and real estate.