3 Useful Tips on How to Become a Millionaire + MORE

3 Useful Tips on How to Become a Millionaire + MORE

Learning To Be Happy With What We Have

– financialsamurai.com

Learning To Be Happy With What We HaveWhile cleaning up the FS Forum application spam I had a realization. For the past eight years I’ve been happy with what I have. Before 2005 I was restless because I still needed to prove myself at work and make sure I wasn’t a failure by age 30 in two years time. The 1997 Honda Civic I was putzing around in wouldn’t do so I upgraded to something nicer within the 1/10th rule…

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The Psychology of Writing Down Expenses

– thesimepledollar.com

Megan wrote in recently with a long story that I’ll use in a future Reader Mailbag, but in a paragraph that didn’t have to do with her story, she asked a seemingly simple question.
What made you shift from not paying attention to what you spent to worrying about spending a nickel extra on toilet paper?
It would be easy to answer this with a broad answer of saying that it had to do with the realization of my responsibilities as a parent and with changes in my personal values and beliefs…

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Reader Stories: The shocking truth about medical bills that can save you thousandsThis reader story is by a longtime GRS reader Sumitha from afineparent.com, a blog founded on the simple belief that “Good Parents Are Made, Not Born.” Some reader stories contain general advice; others are examples of how a GRS reader achieved financial success or failure. These stories feature folks with all levels of financial maturity and income…

$990,000 Short Of Being A Millionaire

– solvingthemoneypuzzle.com/

$990,000 Short Of Being A MillionaireI am a thousandaire not a millionaire.  My investible assets are worth about $10,000 so I only have to accumulate $990,000 more to become a millionaire.
A new study, paid for by BMO, says that women in Canada now make up 33% of the millionaires.  That is up from 21% only 3 years ago.  The wealthy women probably their money the same way the men millionaires do…

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In his article titled Your Lifestyle Has Already Been Designed, David, from the blog Raptitude, makes some points that are hard to argue with. He suggests that the 8-hour workday, paired with the 40 hour work week, makes for an incredibly purchase-happy public. Now, why would a standard work week, that’s pretty intense as it takes up most of our lives, make us purchase happy? Just think about it for a minute…

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Three Ways to Flip A House

– moneyning.com/

Three Ways to Flip A House
As the housing market strengthens ever so slowly, house flipping is once again gaining popularity. If you’re considering a house flip, you’ll first want to decide which type of flip is right for you.
Some people enjoy the thrill of a risky, but potentially high-yielding, investment that requires very little hands-on, while others enjoy the process of improving a house with their own hands…

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Wondering how to become a millionaire? We all have imagined, even if only at night before bed, how would it be if we were millionaires. But is there any special recipe to reach this status? Are these people completely different from the rest? Do the “millionaire” genes exist?
How to Become a Millionaire
Forbes interviewed some of the world’s famous millionaires, as well as other rich people who have amassed fortunes of over 1 million dollars…

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