3 Traits that Engage Customers

It is easy to talk to people about your products, but it can be challenging to get them to listen. Most consumers are bombarded every day by messages from companies that are trying to sell them something. As a result, there are many efforts to make a sale that fall on disinterested ears.

How can you make someone want to listen up? You have to engage them.

There is not one way to engage customers. The dynamic between a business and its customers varies from one business to the next. In many cases, companies rely on extensive market research to determine how to communicate most optimally with anyone who might be interested in making a purchase.

Despite the important and varied details behind customer engagement, there are traits that universally catch people’s attention. They draw large groups in and make most people want to learn more. Those traits generate a spark, so to speak, which can translate into purchases. Read on to learn about three of them.


Being passionate about a company and what it does is one of the most effective ways to boost the impact of anything you say related to it. After all, if you are not passionate about the message you are delivering, how can you expect the person receiving your message to care? Steve Jobs served as one of the best examples of this idea. Each time a new product was released, Jobs would talk about the product with a level of passion and excitement that was utterly infectious. He would always unveil each item with a string of punchy adjectives, like “astonishing” or “impressive.”

Each company has its own culture, so it is not always appropriate to categorize products as “impressive.” However, it is always appropriate to verbally and nonverbally relay that you have a passion for the message you are conveying. In short, show you care. It will increase the odds that the person you are talking to will also begin to care.


There are some negative stereotypes associated with sales, one of which is disingenuousness. People are often wary of someone who is looking to sell something. Many assume that the salesperson is saying anything to close the sale. They feel they have to look out constantly for manipulated information in order to finally make a purchase that meets their needs.

Therefore, it is refreshing for a customer to encounter a message that reflects integrity. The Internet has made it easier than ever for savvy customers to identify wild lies; it is just a matter of time before they separate accurate claims with inaccurate ones. If people feel like they can trust what a company, or a representative from that company, is saying, they will be more inclined to really listen.


For most people, it is a thrill to be in the presence of something clever and inventive. Originality can be quite a precious commodity because, for many, it does not appear often. Projecting ingenuity can be a very effective way to engage customers.

Ingenuity can come from many places. The product itself could be one of a kind, and efforts to sell it should adamantly underscore that fact. Even if the thing to be sold is not revolutionary, there should be at least one or two unique aspects to it that can be highlighted. For more of an effect, highlight the unique aspects in an original way.

In today’s world, advertising is pervasive in many places. It can make many people feel overwhelmed, which causes them to shut down. In order to reach that disengaged group, you must engage them with your message. The specifics behind how to reach them can vary tremendously. However, it could be a mistake to get lost in the details. Use them wisely, but do not forget about overarching traits that have the power to reach a lot of people.

2 thoughts on “3 Traits that Engage Customers

  1. Good salesmen know these 3 traits, but how can a customer / buyer who isn’t net savvy know whether a salesperson is genuinely reflecting integrity or just trying to close the deal. I have also seen certain salesmen who have passion for their company and / or job, but their over-enthusiasm feels like persuasion.

    1. I think it just takes some practice. A more experienced buyer is more likely to realize when a salesperson is reflecting integrity or not. However, a good way to find out is to reach out to the seller and ask a lot of questions! Doing this you can look for “warning signs” like over-enthusiasm, trustworthiness, etc

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