3 Keys to Realizing Your Dreams and Goals + MORE

4 Lessons Anglers Can Teach Us about Happiness

Five days a week, early in the morning, I go exercise walking along the seafront near where I live. Sometimes I start just before seven o’clock and by the time I reach the local pier half an hour later I pass by at least half a dozen anglers sitting contentedly in the early stages of a day’s fishing…

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Boost Your Interpersonal Relationship Skills With These Tips For The Art of Making the Deal Few things strike fear in a person more than the thought of sitting across the table from someone negotiating. Whether it’s at the car dealership, convincing a toddler to take a nap or navigating through an argument with your spouse; life is all about negotiations. From birth we learn how to go back and forth in an effort to get what we want…

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The Best Things to Buy in July

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The Best Things to Buy in JulySummer’s in full swing, and with it comes a bevy of deals on household furnishings and geeky toys. Here are the best things to buy this month.Read more…    

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Do You Believe You Can Change This World? [POLL] Our world is not perfect and you know it. Someone simply takes it for granted and is just going with the flow, while others can not put up with its flaws and try to make some changes.
Some people really succeed in this – Einstein, Charlie Chaplin or Bill Gates – these are only several examples of people who left their trace on this planet… the list is huge, however to get into it is very, very difficult…

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Kindle Publishing: How To Write An Ebook

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Kindle Publishing: How To Write An EbookSo you got a bright shiny new Kindle, and you are now enjoying the thousands of low cost eBooks on a variety of subjects. You love the convenience of one click purchasing and almost immediate downloads. The fact that you can change fonts, adjust brightness, and read in almost any light, just adds to the convenience…

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5 Weird Confidence Building Exercises

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5 Weird Confidence Building ExercisesImagine for a minute if you were totally confident in yourself……………..What would you do today that you were not doing yesterday? What could you achieve if you were completely self confident?Now, I don’t mean you have to be good at everything, but you’re willing to give everything a go, just try it and see what happens, and if you fell flat on your face you would either walk away from it having tried it, or you would try again until you got it right…

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Stuck And Don’t Know How To Move Forward With Life?Have you found yourself stuck? You have a desire you want and you just can’t seem to make it happen. You believe you have tried everything and nothing works for you. However, you still believe that you can work through this and get your desired result.
Looking around, you see people who don’t have any problems getting through the things that you are stuck with…

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Deep Impact

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Deep Impact 
No, I’m not going off on some space odyssey, here!  Although, the title might lead your thinking in that direction.  However, the title is more about you and how you go about approaching your life.

Every day you have the potential of impacting your world, at large, and definitely the people immediately around you…

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3 Keys to Realizing Your Dreams and Goals

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3 Keys to Realizing Your Dreams and Goals
When it comes to manifesting our dreams and accomplishing our goals, there are three vital components that deserve our attention. Before we get into that, ask yourself the following question:
Am I actively moving in the direction of
my goals and dreams each and every day?
Everybody has dreams and most people have goals…

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