3 Essential Rules For Aggressive Growth Investing + MORE

Citi Prestige vs. American Express PlatinumHigh-end reward cards can make sense for regular people, not just high spending big shots. Despite their high annual fees, these cards can offer even more valuable rewards and benefits. The American Express Platinum card is one of the most popular luxury travel reward cards available, while Citi recently introduced its Prestige card to compete for this market…

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Best time of the year outside of Christmas! And if you’re *really* smooth you can even start your Christmas shopping early at these yard sales too, haha… Who doesn’t like some old books or 100 year old antiques? Come on now! It’s fun for the whole family! 😉
I’ve actually already began partaking in these sales too, courtesy of our local flea markets which have started up again…

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Motivate Yourself to Get Moving

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Motivate Yourself to Get MovingSometimes, when the couch is calling and your favorite TV show is on, the last thing you want to do is get up and get some exercise. I get it. Especially after a long work day, or an emotionally draining situation, there are plenty of days that beg for R&R in the bath and not speed-walks in the park…

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Friday Giveaway Roundup – 113 Giveaways
This is a shot by Richie Diesterheft of Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis during the Summer. As I write this we are about to get 5-8 inches of snow dumped on us. In the middle of April. Whatever happened to Spring?!?
Welcome to the weekly Friday giveaway roundup! Every single Friday we post giveaways ending within the next week…

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Quick Money Tips: TakeOurStuff.com is Giving Away Cool StuffHave you heard of TakeOurStuff.com?
In today’s edition, we take a look at ways you can win some free goods compliments of my boy J. Money’s new site TakeOurStuff.com.
Each week they give away something completely free.
The free items are usually unique, meaning they could come from someone’s personal collection or from anyone in the community…

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5 Steps to Retiring with Confidence
The financial state of the Social Security Administration, as well as the uncertainty of the current U.S. and world economies, might be making you nervous about your upcoming retirement. Although some elements of retirement will always be a risk — since you can’t know the future state of economies, your lifespan, and other factors that can affect your finances — careful and thorough planning will carry you a long way in security for the future…

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Here we go with the third round of Free Money Finance March Money Madness (to follow all the action click on my March Money Madness category link and scroll down to read all the posts involved in this subject.)
Today’s games are brought to you by the Citi ThankYou® Preferred Rewards Card which is currently offering 15,000 bonus ThankYou Points after you make $1,000 in purchases within the first 3 months after account opening—good for $150 in gift cards…

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Ken is sending his financial situation into the GRS ether to see what you have to say. Here’s a snapshot of his finances: I thoroughly enjoyed reading your article “What Next” and the “Ask the Readers: What is the Next Step?” because that is my situation. I have been struggling for the past year to figure out where to focus my attention…

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Putting my money where my mouth is…

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Putting my money where my mouth is…
You know how I keep saying Seattle real estate is in a bubble? Girl Ninja and I haven’t walked through a single house in over two months, we’ve virtually given up on the house hunting process. So we decided to do what any logical couple would do… buy a house.
Wait, what?
Allow me to explain…

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You still can attend my upcoming presentations in May.
The first is one of our regular free online investment presentations. This one is May 1 at 3:30 p.m. Eastern time. I’ll discuss “Adjusting Your Investments for 2013′s Second Half.” You can register at this link.
Following that, I’ll be speaking at the Las Vegas MoneyShow…

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Every intelligent investor’s portfolio must devote assets to aggressive growth.
No exceptions.
Because finding a winning aggressive growth stock isn’t easy, I want to share with you how I do it.
I look for companies with products, technologies or other innovations that materially change the baseline assumptions for doing business in an industry…

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The Simmons First Visa Platinum Credit Card: The Lowest Standard APR Available

Study after study shows that the majority of credit card users in America carry a balance. People in the credit card industry refer to these customers as "revolvers," and they generate huge profits for the industry by paying high interest rates every month…

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One of the most important rules of running a successful business is knowing who your customers are. New research published in the Journal of Consumer Research explains how cultural differences play a role in how people perceive product quality in relation to price.
In a series of studies, researchers encouraged a culturally diverse sample of consumers to judge products like paper towels, shaving cream, hand soap, bicycles and watches based on their attributes and price…

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I’ve received so many great pieces of advice over the years, from family and friends, from great books, and from wise people.
Recently, I sat down to make a list of the key pieces of advice that I wanted to make sure to clearly pass along to my children. Part of my role as a parent is to fill in the gaps that they don’t learn in school, after all…

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Friday Links

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This week Globe and Mail addressed the issue: Are Canada’s Banks Losing Their Mojo?
If you’re a small business owner, you’ll definitely want to read Million Dollar Journey’s post on the Canada Small Business Financing Program.
Investors may be intrigued to hear that according to the Canadian Capitalist, Budget 2013 Clamps Down on Advantaged ETFs…

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One Year Lived – Would you take a year off to see the world?Message for RSS readers
Sorry to interrupt, but if you are reading this on Google Reader, you will need to figure out a different way to follow us. Google is getting rid of Google Reader soon and you should switch to other RSS readers such as Feedly instead.
Subscribe to have every article delivered to your inbox and you won’t have to worry about the RSS problems…

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18 Tax Day Freebies and Deals

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18 Tax Day Freebies and DealsTax season is almost over. Monday, April 15, is the last day to file your taxes this year (or get an extension). Whether you filed early and have gotten a refund or are waiting until the last minute to send your tax return and write a check to Uncle Sam, I’m betting you’ll be glad to put taxes behind you for another year…

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If you’ve watched the financial industry over the course of the last decade, you’ve probably noticed some important contradictions. It’s a good indication that taking generalized investment advice and applying it to your own situation is not a smart idea. Anyone who retired at the height of the recession is going to understand exactly what I’m referring to…

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