25 Things You Need To Know Before Moving To New Orleans + MORE

25 Things You Need To Know Before Moving To New Orleans + MORE

House Flip Update

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House Flip UpdateHere is an updated look at our Butternut Hollow rehab.
Butternut Hollow House Flip
Renovated home for Sale
We are on the home stretch now…… the house is cleaned and staged. Now it’s time for final photo’s and a lucky new buyer!!!
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Jessica Simpson Lists Beverly Hills Home for $8 Million (House of the Day)Filed under: News, Celebrity Homes, House of the Day

By Catherine Sherman

When Jessica Simpson bought Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne’s former Hidden Hills mansion in March, she was in full mom mode, making space for 9-month-old daughter Maxwell and baby No. 2. Now with her summer due date fast approaching, Simpson is saying goodbye to her Beverly Hills bachelorette pad for good…

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25 Things You Need To Know Before Moving To New Orleans1. It’s pronounced New Or-luns, not New Or-leans.

Unless you want a giant neon sign hanging from your forehead that reads “I am not from here.”
2. It is known as the “Crescent City”.

Because of its moon-like shape hugging the Mississippi River.
3. Two words: The food.

Okay here’s some more words: In New Orleans beignets have been a staple of Creole cuisine, and is the basis for one of the city’s most popular dives: Cafe du Monde…

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How An Irritating “New” Investor [almost] Wrecked my Deal…
Is it just my imagination or are there a bunch of folks coming out of nowhere calling themselves real estate investors? Yes they’ve messed up a few of my deals, but they can just be downright annoying. But there is something I learned a long time ago; it was to always leave the negotiations with a friendly handshake and leave the door open so you can come back in later…

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House #51: Preliminary Budget

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House #51:  Preliminary BudgetI mentioned the other day that we picked up House #51…here is the preliminary budget for that one:

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Case-Shiller Acquisition Thoughts — WTF?

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I was just talking shop with Greg Fischer tonight, and we got to discussing recent real estate industry acquisitions. How did I miss the fact that CoreLogic bought Case-Shiller from Fiserv for….$6 MILLION?
That’s it? WTF?
Why on earth did Trulia not buy that brand? Case-Shiller would have given them an instant seat at the table in terms of mindshare for housing trends in the national media…

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