21 Call to Action Examples and 3 Rules for Effective CTAs + MORE

21 Call to Action Examples and 3 Rules for Effective CTAs + MORE

Your Digital Portfolio

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Your Digital PortfolioIn my last post I wrote about how to show, don’t tell, as you look for jobs and build your resume and profile. In just the few weeks since I wrote that post, I’ve been reading more and more about the problems that recent grads are having in finding jobs, and it’s gotten me thinking.
What’s the most efficient way that today’s job seekers, including recent grads, can get hired for jobs in today’s economy? I think every job seeker, particularly those in creative or tech fields, must have a digital portfolio…

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Will GMail Tabs Hurt Email Marketers?

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Will GMail Tabs Hurt Email Marketers?Will GMail Tabs Hurt Email Marketers? written by John Jantsch read more at Small Business Marketing Blog from Duct Tape MarketingOver the last few days you’ve likely received urgent messages from email marketers warning of the recent GMail addition of tabs. The idea is that Google wants to help sort your email for you into what they deem Primary, Social and Promotions…

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Why Media Companies Are Struggling (And How Inbound Can Help)Magazines, newspapers, TV stations, radio stations, and online publishers — let’s call them media companies — have been producing news content for years, with the aim of attracting an audience. Whether that content was published on paper or broadcast over a TV or a radio signal, readers, viewers, and listeners were attracted to the content from their source of choice to learn about breaking and industry news…

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Are your fees too high or are you marketing to the wrong people?
Yes, your prices or fees could be too high.
Alternatively, you could be marketing to the wrong people.
Insanely expensive or a wonderful deal?
I was with a friend yesterday, who has just bought a car. Someone overheard him telling me what he paid for it and immediately told him, he must be insane and that the price was way too high…

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Register for My Upcoming Webinars with Moz and PPC Hero!Hey Internet marketing maniacs, I’ve got a couple of new webinars coming up in the next week and would love for you to join us!Are You Spending Your PPC Budget Wisely?“Are You Spending Your PPC Budget Wisely?” will be a joint webinar, presented by Hanapin Marketing’s Carrie Albright and me. We’ll be sharing best practices and creative tips for PPC budget management, including:Reconciling  PPC budget with your overall marketing costsAdjusting your strategy for large or small accountsChoosing the right metrics to help define your spendIncorporating expenses like agency or staff overheadThis webinar will serve as a great refresher for spend planning, overall budgeting, and cost measurement, whether you’re planning your initial PPC budget or re-evaluating current spend…

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Does SEO Still Matter?

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Does SEO Still Matter?We’ve all heard “SEO is Dead” from alarmists, the uninformed, and in countless link bait articles (irony?). But is there any truth to it?
While Search Engine Optimization may look completely different than it did even a year ago, I firmly believe that SEO is not only alive, but thriving…

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Infographic: How Do You Measure Content Marketing?This is a beautiful infographic from Brandpoint on Measuring Content Marketing Success. Not every piece of content is going to drive a sale, but the momentum and collection of content definitely drives awareness and consideration, eventually leading to conversions.
Content marketing tactics such as blog posts, feature articles, optimized website copy, white papers, social media content and press releases move consumers along a specific path…

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SEMrush Enhances Competitor Pay Per Click AnalysisWe’ve been fans and affiliates of SEMrush for many years now. They continue to enhance their offerings and extend their data capture capabilities, providing incredible insight into our clients’ search engine visibility. Recently, SEMrush enhanced their Pay Per Click reporting – providing a clear picture and history of the companies you’re competing with on paid search engine marketing…

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Yesterday we reported that Glass developer Chad Smith created a Google Analytics Glass App and today we are excited to report that the same developer created a Glass App for reporting on your Google AdSense income. Chad announced this on his Google+ page, sharing how to install the app on your…

Please visit Marketing Land for the full article…

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How to Ramp Up Performance by Testing Your Blog DesignImage Source
For some reason, we’ve reduced “conversion” to mean visitor’s opting in to an email list or buying products from specific pages. Why?
Isn’t a “conversion” when your visitor takes any desired action on your site?
Wouldn’t that mean “sharing” or “leaving a comment” could also be considered a conversion in addition to subscribing and buying things?
We are told, “every page is a landing page…

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While many professionals are skeptical about using advertising on Facebook, it could still be of some use to small local businesses.Related Articles
MediaFeedia and Strategizing Multiple Facebook CampaignsAn Insider Scoop on Making Monster’s BeKnown Work for YouFive Multimedia Steps to Perfect Your Online Marketing Strategy

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21 Call to Action Examples and 3 Rules for Effective CTAsI started this article looking for 101 call to action examples.
My plan was to review the all-time great copywriting controls and find the calls to action that made them so effective.
After all, they were written by the historical greats.
But I hadn’t read more than a handful of mailings when I discovered something interesting…

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AdSense Adds Favicons to Text Ads

– marketingpilgrim.com

AdSense Adds Favicons to Text AdsThe folks at Google’s AdSense product have announced the addition of favicons to their text ads.
The Inside AdSense Blog tells us
We’re constantly thinking about how we can make our ad formats better for you, your users and the advertisers appearing on your pages. Today we’re happy to share the introduction of favicons to our text ads…

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Great Products Focus On A Motif

– smashingmagazine.com

Great Products Focus On A Motif


What does it take to craft a great product? For those of us who design and build apps, websites and software, a great product means one that delights its users. But digital product development is a complex beast.
Delivering a successful product requires multidisciplinary teams to efficiently work through varying opinions and conflicting views and, ultimately, to gather behind a common vision with a focused plan…

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Infographic: The 3 S’s of Successful ContentI recently wrote about how Angie’s List was driving a lot more attention from their social presence back to the articles they’ve been writing on their web site. The folks at Skyword have summed up how to develop a content strategy that works by ensuring your content has 3 key elements. Your content should be searchable, snackable and shareable…

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