16 Excuses that Prevent You from Going After Your Dreams + MORE

16 Excuses that Prevent You from Going After Your Dreams + MORE

The Bright Side Of Hitting Rock Bottom

He sat upright in the corner of the bed, visibly trembling. Sleep deprivation toyed with his mind. Breathing was difficult. The once autonomous function was now an uncomfortable struggle for oxygen. Panic covered him like a dark, ominous cloud that threatened to never let up.

It wasn’t always like this…

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Sticking Power

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Sticking Power 
Sticking can really be a sticky subject, if you’ll pardon the pun.  For example, think about that situation when you are eating a piece of caramel candy and it sticks to your teeth.  The next thing you know after struggling to chew through the candy so you can open your jaw you realize you’ve literally had a tooth filling pulled out of one of your teeth…

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How To Budget When You Don't Have a Regular PaycheckSuccessful budgeting tends to depend on two things: careful planning and a steady income. The first, anyone can do. The second isn’t so simple. If you’re self-employed or a freelancer, you might be asking yourself: "But I don’t have a regular paycheck coming in. Can I even set up a budget? Should I bother?" You can…

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16 Excuses that Prevent You from Going After Your Dreams“I shouldn’t write this.” “Nobody’s going to read it anyway. So much has been written about this topic already.”“What if people hate my stuff?What if they get bored to tears?”“What business do I have teaching them something? Heck, am I even qualified to talk about this?”These are only some of the thoughts that usually race through my head as I am writing a piece for a client…

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Lessons from 15 Months of Unconventional Travel
Photo by Jason Priem
By Josh Rock
The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page. – St. Augustine
I’ve spent the last year and a bit wandering around the globe and exploring this wondrous thing called life. Through 26 flights, I’ve managed to circle the globe twice, and touch 5 of the 7 continents…

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Anatomy of Personal Change

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Anatomy of Personal Change
Personal change is both an internal and external experience. It stems from a change in mindset and branches out from there. In truth, we are constantly moving toward some things, and away from others. But in order for noticeable transformation to occur, we must pass through a series of tipping points in succession…

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How To Take Care of Yourself

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How To Take Care of YourselfBy Batool Shamim –
Today, we are living in a technical era where every moment of life is digitized. We work like machines, talk and live like machines. Unfortunately, we have forgotten that we are not programmed devices. We are humans, we have created machines and technology for our ease but we live as if technology is utilizing us with both hands…

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