15 Life Goals Everyone Should Have

15 Life Goals Everyone Should Have

What difference would it make if you live a normal life just like everyone around you? Everyone today lives with a ‘live in the moment’ attitude and perception towards life. Well, go against it. You need to be a rebel to many existing norms to be different and to achieve something in life. By the end of your lifeline, you need to be able to say that you have accomplished something and also in a content position to live in peace and die that way as well. Having life goals is something that is very much required since we no longer even think about what we will be doing a few days down the line. Well, it’s high time you start making a list of them and do them right. You are free to have your own wants and perceptions, but here are a few life goals that everyone needs to have in their list.

  1. Find your soul mate

Yes, it is the first life goal everyone sets in their list. If you have already found them, you can cross off one from your list already. But, if you think you are yet to find one and know there is someone out there who is meant for you, start searching and do not stop until you have found.

  1. Have Kids

Having a baby is the most memorable experience you can ever have and being a parent is more than just memory, it is an experience which many long to go through with. Have kids. If that requires some planning, go ahead and make it happen. You can always make money and drink and laugh and what not but you will not be able to have kids at any point of time that you like.

  1. Help someone

Help out someone. And by help, not in a small way. Think big and only then will you grow big. Help someone grow or even get settled in life and you will see how you become their mentor. It will be a learning experience for you and the other person as well. Your life would not have any meaning to it, if you are not being useful to the people around you.

  1. Save someone

There is nothing that can beat the feeling of you saving someone’s life. What you may not know is that this can happen at any point of time. You may not even be expecting it, but life will land you in a situation that will demand you of your presence and make you work towards it. So keep an eye out and grab every hand you possibly can.

  1. Earn a million

You may be working, but working towards nothing is not the way. Set a target, it does not have to be a million, but set a target and live up to working towards it. Everyday needs to be a day where you are out there to earn. A million in one year does not sound too difficult, does it?

  1. Donate a million

It is possible only when you are having enough. But if you work towards the target with an intention of donating, it makes it easier. Various charities all over the world are in need of your contributions and the world will become a better place once you do play a part in changing it for the better.

  1. Own a dream house

One of the most common tasks you tend to find on anyone’s life goals. Plan how to get there and stop at nothing. Overcome all that falls in your way and build that dream house of yours and live to cherish it.

  1. Buy an Island

So many islands are up for sale in various countries. Be it with partners or without, buy an island and how fascinating would it be to tell everyone that own an island or that you are hosting your party on your own island? The journey to get there is on a road to success.

  1. Write a book

Whatever the genre may be, write it. Irrespective of whether you publish or no, do write down your own story of fiction or romance or even a touch of poetry would do. Mix it up with what you like and write for the pleasure of penning down your words. The hidden part of you will tend to come up.

  1. Go on a cruise

A cruise on the Mediterranean is something we all long for. Combine it with your partner and you will have the best time of your life. Life at sea is a mesmerizing experience and one you need to have irrespective of the age you try it at.

  1. Own a Supercar

Put it on your list to get yourself that amazing Lamborghini or an Aston Martin. What would life be without car? Getting the amount of attention that it deserves, the spotlight will be sure to fall on you too. Be sure to make a grand entrance while you own it.

  1. Learn to play an instrument

The pleasure in the moments when you are playing the piano or the guitar is something that cannot be expressed in words. Learn to play and go ahead and play a love song for someone. If you get into it enough, maybe even start a band. Do not hesitate. Be patient and let your busy schedule go to hell. You can always make money, but to play the guitar once you are done making money, you need to learn.

  1. Around the world

It will surely burn a hole through your pocket, but do take it up. It will not only give you the exposure of a lifetime but will also fill your life with memories and friends and the essence of freedom. Travel across the globe visiting various countries on your check list and have a blast at every stop you make. Make it a point to see all the places you need to in every country you pay a visit to.

  1. Skydive

What is life without the little essentials and thrills that we get out of our little fantasies and extraditions? Skydive and experience the free fall and you may just have a new perspective towards how you live life.

  1. Gamble

Set aside some money, go to Vegas and lose it all over gambling. The concept of having the experience of everything before you die will put you to focus on gambling a bit and trying your luck. Try not to get addicted.

Having an idea of what are the traditional life goals, it is time to spin the web and make your very own list of life goals. What you need to keep in mind while writing down these goals is that you should not be practical or logical. Do not kill your wants and wishes and dreams by applying your logic to it and ruining the essence of it all together. So what have you got in mind? Pen it down and frame it on your wall and start working towards checking them off no matter how awkward, bizarre or unrealistic they seem.