11 Free and Easy to Use File Sharing Websites + MORE

11 Free and Easy to Use File Sharing Websites + MORE

Twitter Two-Factor Authentication Is Now AvailableTwitter on Wednesday delivered on its promise to bring two-factor authentication to its massive micro-blogging network.
The opt-in feature requires users to receive an access code on their smartphone via SMS text messaging.
Earlier in the month it was announced that Twitter employees were currently testing the Twitter two-factor authentication setup…

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How to Nail the Opening of Your Blog Post
The opening four notes to Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony are the most popular notes in Western music.
Dun dun dun dum …
They are stormy. Heroic. Disorienting. Short enough to be remembered. Portentous enough to be memorable.
Today you’ll find those notes everywhere. In movies, commercials, and songs when the dramatic and foreboding are needed … And we hardly bat an eye…

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11 Free and Easy to Use File Sharing WebsitesOnline file sharing is a simple process of uploading your files online and then sharing the links for their downloads via email, chat or other options with those whom you want to share your files with. There are a variety of websites available to share your files via them. Few provide limited access, with restrictions and require downloading softwares, while others do not require even SignUp, provide spam free service and have a large memory size available to be used without downloading any software, and they are also secured…

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7 Questions to Ask Yourself to Bring Clarity to Your BloggingDo you feel like you’ve lost clarity around what it is that you’re trying to do with your blog?
I’ve recently bumped into a few bloggers grappling with this idea. Some were new,  even ‘Pre’ Bloggers, while a couple had been blogging for a while but had lost some direction…

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Create a Mobile Website Using WordPress

– bloggingbasics101.com

Create a Mobile Website Using WordPressJust a few short years ago, all you needed to reach the majority of web users was a single website that was compatible with all major web browsers on your desktop computer. The introduction of the mobile devices changed all this and now your website must be optimized for mobile content in order to maximize your reach…

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“Blogging is like a therapy”

– howtomakemyblog.com

Personal style blog My Vintage Curves is written in both English and Italian languages and focuses on vintage clothes, fashion, food and photography.

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The premise: many studies and researches found that successful people tend to have more habits (positive habits, mind you) when compared to average people. That’s because habits add consistency and discipline to your professional and personal life, traits that are essential to reaching your goals…

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