10 Twitter Feeds for a Timely Dose of Inspiration + MORE

A bill was recently introduced to raise the de minimis level from $200 to $800. Shipping and international retail experts say the legislation could benefit the government, small business owners and consumers.

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If you’re seeking a regular diet of inspirational messages, look no further than your Twitter app.

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6 Ways to Build Customer Loyalty

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Effective ways to follow up that ensure your business is always in the customer’s mind.

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As someone who runs a small business, did you set any goals for 2013? If so, was one of them to better run your company this year?
In a day and age when multiple companies are fighting for every customer dollar available, being a wise business manager only makes sense. In the event you are not, you could see all you worked for go by the wayside over time, meaning customers will look elsewhere for their products and services…

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Stumbling Towards Revenue: 3 Start-Up Case StudiesFoursquare, Pinterest, and Tumblr have plenty of users; now they need to make money. Here’s how they plan to do it–and why it may be a challenge.One of the common paths high-profile tech entrepreneurs have taken in the last seven or eight years goes like this: build up the user base for your Internet service, and eventually you’ll find a way to monetize the traffic and build a sustainable business…

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