10 Startups of 2017 that Look Promising!


Everyone in the world are educating themselves so that they can earn money in future and help to support their family in future and live a lavish life. In recent times, it has been that nobody waits for completing their study they work simultaneously so that they can spend for their own expenses. Nowadays no one wants to get retired at the age of 60; everyone wants to earn as much as they can follow their passion.

Only for those people here are top 10 startup ideas that will help you earn money efficiently. These have been best startups of 2017.

  • Social media consultant

In today’s time, everyone has their accounts on social media sites like Facebook, twitter, instagram etc. in this you have to help your client to increase their social media engagements and in developing good online media campaigns. It is very simple job and even if you don’t have any knowledge you can do an online course and get certified. You can make your job easy by using online management tools.You can even assist companies to maintain their blogs and their social networking accounts.

  • Affiliated marketing

It is a type of performance based marketing which is very easy to get into. You earn commission for promoting products of other companies. This business is east to start if:

  • There is a blog or website of your own
  • Your success can be proved through visitor statistics
  • Successfully undertake the affiliate marketing and you can even show that to your client.
  • Tester or reviewer

Many individuals or startups need people’s review to encourage other people buy their products. You can get started by having a profile on freelancing websites or else you can even directly approach the companies. You can offer them review in turn of some monetary reward by becoming influencer. You can even write entire posts if you have your own website or blog and can charge even more money in future.

  • Content writer

It is a very easy job. It needs you to be good in vocabulary and language fluency. In this you have to give relevant information about the topics which are provided to you and make sure that it is unique in every way. You get quite a good amount for this. It is similar to the tester or reviewer job.

  • Application or website developer

If you have good skills in making application or websites you should surely do it. Every-day several applications are released and if you have faith in yourself that you will be able to make an app which can be unique, you should surely go head. You need very less investment in it and once your app gets popular you can earn money easily. You can create websites for different companies and charge them for the same.

  • Graphic designer

In this you simply have to design good and amazing logos, and share magazines, information sheets, letters, fliers etc. you only need a computer and applications like Photoshop or illustrator.

  • Blogger or Vlogger

If you are an expert in any specific field you can surely become a blogger or vlogger. For this you only need a computer and a camera of good quality. You can earn money by reviewing and advertising products on your platform.

  • Resume writer

Everyone might have a good qualification but not everyone knows to write resume. You can help people in writing a perfect and effective resume in turn of money. it is a very simple job and only requirement of it is good writing skills and command on languages.

  • Video production

It is a very simple job which you can even do from home. There are many people who want to post their videos on YouTube and become celebrities but they don’t have those skills with which they can upload good high-quality videos. In this you have to edit vlogs, create music videos etc.you can even help them advertise the same.

  • Wedding planner

Nowadays everyone wants their wedding to be remembered by everyone and for that they hire wedding planners. This requires less investment and you earn a good amount of money. Creative mind is all you need in this.